There are four major disciplines of art, viz. visual art, literary arts, performing arts and multidisciplinary arts.
The Visual Art is a vast form of creative ingenious expression of artists, in such that it covers sketching, drawing, painting, fine art, illustration, sculpture, architecture, and photography amongst many.
The Literary Art encompasses the art of written works like poetry, prose, short stories, essays, script writing for skits, drama and films amongst various literature.
The Performing Arts comprises music, dance, theater and film of various forms.
The Multidisciplinary Arts includes interactive media.
Art could be an inborn talent mastered through training and practice.
Art could also be an acquired skill through zealous learning and involvement.
Artist is born through inquisitive creative mind and passionate pursuance of the aspiration.
Let’s indulge into an existent world of imagination and creation…
Let’s take our first step into the realm of Visual Art …

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